Farm to Fork` is a term widely used in the field of Traceability. It refers to the stages of Food Production from the perspective of Harvesting, Storage, Processing, Packaging, Sales, and final Consumption.
Agripure’s ‘Farm to Fork’ traceability, is a concept designed to bridge the gap between Rural Agriculture and Farmers, to Technology and Consumers, taking out the middleman and ensuring our associated Farmers achieve a fair price for their yield.

Our Philosophy is to give back to the farmer, through welfare, training, and promoting environmentally friendly farming techniques. The culture at Agripure is to nurture, grow & replenish, thus maintaining a balance for live in harmony with the surrounding environment. Very often the farmer receives the least reward for his hard work, and it is our aim to change that.

All our processes are fully accounted for and our produce can be fully traced back from initial farming to processing.
Our Backward Integration process means that we are proud to announce that Agripure’s products are sustainably farmed and monitored throughout the process.

Soil Testing is carried out at Agripure, where the analysis has been shared with our farmers. Soil balancing, which is at the heart of the project for a healthier crop yield, is taught and implemented at farm level. The program of re-balancing and re-enrichment of the soil plays an important part in the future of farming, the quantity of the yield, and also the sustainability of the farmer, all of which is directly connected to his livelihood.

The farmers are being re-introduced into the simple measures of individual composting as well as community composting,  which are the very basis of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)  .


Agripure`s sustainable journey started in March 2014 with Chilli Farmers in the State of Telangana. We targeted farming there to promote the minimum use of pesticides, hence encouraging healthier soils, thus keeping the Minimum Residue Levels (MRL) below the strictest of limits allowed by International Food Safety Law.

For the new crop in 2018 we are proud to announce that Agripure will have a yield of approx.  1,150 MT of Chilli,  all adhering to `EU` Food Safety Standards.  However, Agripure is very much committed to expanding this program every year without compromise.

Our vision is to increase the number of SKUs being sustainably farmed with an increase in production for each spice.  We will also be starting an exciting backward integration program for Organic Farming in 2018.

By 2020, we aim to be harvesting 1,500 MT of sustainably farmed and certified chilli.


  • Increased Welfare of the Farmer
  • Greater Control of Production Inputs
  • Enhanced Quality Control of the Specified Crop
  • Reduction in Costs of Transportation
  • Significant Reductions in Lead-time
  • Further Mutually Beneficial Expansion Opportunities