Agripure Natural Foods is an Industry Leading Manufacturer & Global Exporter offering a wide range of High Specification Spices, Seasonings and Specialty Food Ingredients.

We have a wealth of experience for producing exceptional quality, and providing experienced technical support with outstanding customer service.


British owned and operated, with two state-of-the-art facilities located on the west coast of India, Agripure`s focus on food safety is uncompromising. With a wealth of experience for producing exceptional quality, superior NPD capabilities, experienced technical support and outstanding customer service, Agripure is prepared to meet the demanding needs of the World`s Food Industry. At the helm of our Company is Dr Tony Deep Wouhra MBE DL, Chairman not only of Agripure but also East End Foods plc, a 45 year old established British food company. In India, he is supported by a highly experienced Management Team which works on true Backward Integration for its key spices. The Company provides training for Farmers growing their crops from seedling, taking him through the stages of nurturing and harvesting the crops that meets with the European and USDA Food Safety Standards. The ultimate aim of the company is to train the farmers new techniques to keep the produce well below Minimum Residue Level (MRL), and to make sure that the farmers are paid a fair price for their crop.




The experienced and dedicated members of our Quality Assurance Department, work to provide in-depth analyses and testing of our products before, during and after the manufacturing processes. The Quality Assurance Department oversees additional specialised testing through our in-house laboratory and certified results through third-party laboratories. This ensures that our customers receive a consistent, high-quality and legally compliant product.


The now well known term `Farm to Fork` refers to the stages of production of food: Harvesting, Storage, Processing, Packaging, Sales, and Consumption.
Our processes are expertly planned & executed, fully accounted for, and our key products can be traced back fully from initial farming to final processing. Our Backward Integration process for Chilli is a great example demonstrating that Agripure`s crops are sustainably farmed, and comprehensively monitored by our Agri-teams.


“I have worked in the UK Food Industry for more than 50 years. Food is the only business I know. It is my passion to source and produce Pure & Healthy food that has brought me to India after living in the UK for over five decades. I am extremely proud to be leading my team in India to achieve this Goal for our Customers…”

Dr Tony Deep Wouhra MBE, DL